A Picture Book of Children’s Drawings was written to demonstrate the various ways children use drawing to articulate, express, and communicate their deepest thoughts and feelings. Over the past twenty years, we have collected children’s drawings from many sources and, increasingly, we have noticed that their graphic work is charged with aesthetic energy. The format of this book is intended to highlight this fact.

In Part One, we invite you to enjoy more than seventy drawings by children as young as three and as old as the late teens. Part One has a drawing without text on the left page for easy contemplation and a brief commentary on the facing page. 

Part Two consists of eight essays, the most recent writings from the Drawing Network.


Coil-bound, 212 pages, 90 drawings.

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The Drawing Path for Children demonstrates the importance of drawing as a spontaneous language for children. It contains a balance of theory and practice for ‘teaching’ drawing to children and young people from preschool to high school. Included are practical suggestions for conducting a daily draw at home and school, and for integrating drawing into the school curriculum in areas such as science, social studies, language arts and art.


Coil-bound, 178 pages, 80 drawings.

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See also: Introduction to The Drawing Path for Children

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Written to interest young readers in Canadian history, Stories from the Rebellion is an account of the history of the Northwest Rebellion of 1885. It tells the story of Duck Lake, Fort Battleford, Cut Knife Hill, Frog Lake, Fish Creek, Batoche, the Regina trials, and the Battleford hangings. In Stories from the Rebellion, chapters which describe historical accounts alternate with chapters that present a fictional version of the same events as seen through the eyes of a young reporter from Ontario.

Perfect-bound, 227 pages, 17 illustrations

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The Smith Ranch ‘After School’ is a fictional account of a unique arts education experience for young people set on a southern Alberta ranch in the 1930's.  The curriculum at the ‘After School’ is centred on creative writing, the visual arts, musical improvisation, creative dance, and drama.  The arts also play a vital role in the study of science and social studies.

Although the story is set in the 1930's, the educational approach it describes is equally valid for schools in the twenty-first century.  How we educate children and young people offers the best hope for a better future. It is crucial that we help young people to harness their creative energy. This will occur when the fine arts subjects are conceptualized as language media and placed in the core of the curriculum.

Perfect-bound, 216 pages, 14 illustrations.

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“Anyone who has an interest in the drawings of young children will find Bob Steele’s book as useful as it is attractive. The connections he makes between graphic imagery, narrative form and personal expression he describes with clarity and authority supported by many examples of children’s drawings. His devotion to and love for his subject shine from every page.” Al Hurwitz, Hurwitz Center For Art Education, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore Md. USA. (Dr. Hurwitz is a well known art educator with a long and distinguished career as a writer, teacher and proselytizer.)